Fully automatic round bottle printing machine/curved screen printer


Fully automatic round bottle printing machine/curved screen printer

Fully automatic feeding mechanism and High frequency output UV light, drying faster and saving space, design by mechanism and program module could be assemble for 1 ~ 6 colors. Can be planned and designed according to the bottle size. Squeegee stand moves left and right by nominal shank, which the squeegee doctoring position and the center point of the printed object will be adjusted accurately. Free to set up the screen stencil used number of times.
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Why Choose a Fully Automatic bottle Screen Printing Machine?

In modern manufacturing, printing technology plays a crucial role in the production process of various goods. Particularly in the field of printing on bottles, containers, and similar products, the choice of appropriate printing equipment can have a significant impact on production efficiency and quality.


Advantages of a Fully Automatic Bottle Screen Printing Machine:

  • Exceptional Production Efficiency: Fully Automatic bottle screen printing machines typically possess a higher degree of automation, allowing for the completion of a large volume of printing tasks in a short period. This boosts production efficiency and reduces production cycles.

  • Consistent Quality: A fully Automatic bottle screen printing machine can achieve more precise adjustments of printing positions and pressure, ensuring consistent printing quality for each product and minimizing the influence of human factors on quality.

  • Labor Cost Savings: The heightened level of automation in fully Automatic bottle screen printing machines results in reduced manual intervention, leading to decreased reliance on operators and, consequently, labor cost savings.

  • Versatility: Fully Automatic bottle screen printing machines often offer various functions and options to accommodate different shapes and sizes of printing needs, exhibiting greater adaptability.

  • Monitoring and Management: Fully Automatic bottle screen printing machines frequently incorporate intelligent monitoring systems that promptly detect anomalies and provide alerts. This feature contributes to more effective equipment management and maintenance.

  • The advantages of a fully Automatic bottle screen printing machine lie in its production efficiency, consistent quality, and versatility, making it particularly suitable for large-scale production environments.


Fully automatic round bottle screen printer/bottle printing machine-FA-LV1-2 

This is an Automatic bottle screen printing machine, It will make you easy to feed the object and satisfied with the final object.

Auto screen printing machine feature: 

  • Design by mechanism and program module could be assemble for 1 ~ 6 colors

  • The screen printing machine is suitable for the bottle size Ø8~60mm, the length is 20~210mm.

  • Production speed:1500~3600pcs/hr (Depending on the size for printing image)

  • Squeegee stand position adjusted by nominal shank, easier to adjust printing position

  • Screen printing machine is suitable for different types of squeegee.

  • Adjustable printing angle, to adapt different shape of bottle

  • Round bottle screen printing machine adopts a magnetic squeegee clip (Patent No. M390871) makes the squeegee position can be slided easily and is simple to adjust and disassemble.

    • Easier to change the squeegee position, adjust and disassemble the stand.

  • High frequency output UV light, drying faster and saving space

  • Programmable Logical Controller – Easy to add functions

  • This  round bottle screen printer adpots 7.0 inches multicolor color touch screen with 65536 colors TFT;The man-machine interface can be easily switched to select the language:English, Indonesian,  and Traditional Chinese. 

    • Input/Output Full Display

    • Malfunction Detector / Screen Display – Makes it easier for operator to resolve the problem

    • Electronic Air Pressure Sensor – Alarms

    • Free to set up the screen plate used number of times. The machine will stop when it reaches the set value.

  • Pneumatic Squeegee Stand – Up and Down

    • Traditional machines are manually lifted and easily change the squeegee position

    • When lift the squeegee stand, the ink is outflow easily.

    • More convenience to clean the printing screen plate.

  • Screen printing machine uses German  FESTO Cylinder

  • This auto screen printer has production record: built-in smart bar chart displays machine .productivity, operating time, production rate, etc. in the past 30 days.

  • This round bottle screen Printing equipment has WIFI function, which can combine with FINECAUSE APP to check the machine productivity anytime and anywhere.


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The Bottle Screen Printing Machine is specialized design for print the round and oval bottles, with easy operation and stable.

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Model/Spec.  FA-LV1-2
COLOR could be assemble for 1 ~ 6 colors
CYCLE/HOUR 1500~3600 pcs
Air Pressure(kg/cm2 psi) 6 kg/cm2
Power Consumption(A)  20A
Voltage(V) 220V, 3 Phase
Dimension 255x110x160 cm
Max. Print Area(mm) L200x140mm  φ60
Max. Height of Printed Object(mm) 0~1mm
Platform Moving Distance(mm) 300
Platform Height (mm) 0~150
Max. Steel Plate Size (cm) 30X60
Screen Plate Trimming Distance (mm) ±10




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