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FINECAUSE 2020 Smart Servo Motor Screen Printer

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Revision Date 2020/08/26

FINECAUSE 2020 Smart Servo Motor Screen Printer


  • PLC Programming

  • Servo motor drive with linear slide and ball screw

  • APP Industrial Internet of Things, smart statistical charts, smart management in the new era

  • The Capacity, Cycle time & Running time of the past 30 days are in full view by this whole new smart managing function.

  • Injective Molding Linear Guides Slide Unit Extremely steady & lightweight, high-speed vertical movement.

  • Removable magnetic absorptive squeegee holder (patent M390871)

  • The pressure of the squeegee can be adjustable with pressure gauge.

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FINECAUSE Smart Servo Motor Screen Printer

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About screen printing equipment overview:

There are all kinds of screen printer in market a lot, it can be driven by Pneumatic Cylinder, AC Induction Motor & Servo Motor.Pneumatic Cylinder Screen Printer is often easy to build-up inks on object surface at motion stop. The quality of imprints and the printing speed can’t be stable due to air pressure driven stability & resistance of printing object. But one good thing about Pneumatic Cylinder type is it has competitive price, so it’s common to see it applying to normal traditional printing, product shell of consumer electronics.

AC Induction Motor Screen Printer has no problem of air pressure driven stability, but it still be affected by resistance of printing object. When proceeding the screen printing, more squeegee pressure will cause the AC induction motor speed slower by resistance. Another disadvantage of AC induction motor is the printing speed has limited range to adjust, also it can’t be digitalized. It’s outdated for new generation of industrial product applying.

Servo Motor Screen Printer is solved above two problems, the printing speed won’t be affected by air pressure and object’s resistance. The adjustable range of printing speed is from 10mm/sec to 1000mm/sec, the precision is reach to 0.01mm. The printing quality, speed and fluency are increased substantially, this will be an icon to this new generation of industrial product applying. The field of servo motor screen printer has a wide application, includes the general screen printing, silver paste & solder paste coating, high-precision glass printing, full area printing, glue pasting and so on.



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