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Screen printing machines Fully Upgraded - Price remains unchanged

Screen printing machines Fully Upgraded - Price remains unchanged
  • Fine Cause's screen printing machines man-machine touch panel 4.3 inches upgraded to 7 inches.

  • Screen printer's Man-machine Good visual effect, Big buttons, easier operation./span>

  • Fine Cause's Screen Printer has warm design:Newly added - tool box ,Convenient to take the tool.

  • Fine Cause's screen printing machines IoT production monitoring - including the intelligent factory APP, Mobile phone APP - wireless connection, Instantly see machine production data.

  • Fine Cause's screen printing machines Fully Upgraded - Price remains unchanged.


■ Recommend standard type of screen printer

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 screen printing machines
FA-400 500 600TSN
Servo Motor Screen Printer w/Platform


【Other screen printing machines / screen printer】


 Fine Cause Smart Screen Printer

  • Smart Screen Printer, the upper body of the machine base is lightweight design, on the other hand, the actual production capacity in the factory is particularly high. Because of the lightweight, the air pressure consumption of the machine is effectively reduced. This machine only needs air pressure above 3.5KG/CM3, and it can run smoothly, which apparently saves energy.

  • In addition to being lighter, it is more intelligent than the traditional screen printers. The smart screen printer is equipped a 65535-color touch panel and a PLC. You can set the expected number of uses of the screen and the number of uses of the squeegee. Once the number of times is reached, it will be suspended. The panel will display a marquee reminder.

  • When low air pressure income on the Screen Printer, the marquee pops out to remind and stops the operation to make your production quality more stable.

  • The Magnetic Adsorption Squeegee Clip is another feature of our screen printers. This special part has the R.O.C. patent number M390871 which allows you to quickly take off the squeegee clip without worrying about its height or address offset. The magnetic system effectively improves the accuracy when the squeegee clip is moved along the guide way.
  • In order to make the use of squeegee more flexible, we added a pressure regulator to the squeegee pressure, and used a large pressure gauge to clearly shows user the current settings of pressure value. The whole set of squeegee stand adopts pneumatic cylinder to do linear lifting, which also improves the precision problem of traditional hand-lifting and the problem of ink flooding to the screen.