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Fine Cause manufactures pad printer and screen printer including standard types and customization. We manufacture a variety of ink cup pad printer, open-tray pad printer, servo motor screen printer, pneumatic cylinder screen printer and customized screen printer.

In the past decade, we have taken part in an extent of customized and precise machinery projects on both pad printing and screen printing including a variety of application fields: printer for plastics, printer for metals, printer for glass, plastic surface printer, metal surface printer, glass surface printer, coin printer, auto-cylindrical bottle printer, SD card printer, MICRO SD card printer, contact lens printer, syringe printer, test tube printer, solder paste printer and touch glass printer, etc.


 Fine Cause Pad Printer★

Pad printer is one of the main series in Fine Cause's product line. In the past few years, we have been improving our production quality that made our products stand out among peers and advance forward to globalization. There are two major types of our pad printer:  Ink Cup Pad Printer (semi automatic pad printer/Customized Pad Printing Machinesand  Open-tray Pad Printer.

We had launched the Flame Treatment Machine in 2011. The machine also has different types of function such as auto-ignition, manual ignition, flat or curved, etc.


 Fine Cause Smart Screen Printer

  • Smart Screen Printer, the upper body of the machine base is lightweight design, on the other hand, the actual production capacity in the factory is particularly high. Because of the lightweight, the air pressure consumption of the machine is effectively reduced. This machine only needs air pressure above 3.5KG/CM3, and it can run smoothly, which apparently saves energy.

  • In addition to being lighter, it is more intelligent than the traditional screen printers. The smart screen printer is equipped a 65535-color touch panel and a PLC. You can set the expected number of uses of the screen and the number of uses of the squeegee. Once the number of times is reached, it will be suspended. The panel will display a marquee reminder.

  • When low air pressure income on the Screen Printer, the marquee pops out to remind and stops the operation to make your production quality more stable.

  • The Magnetic Adsorption Squeegee Clip is another feature of our screen printers. This special part has the R.O.C. patent number M390871 which allows you to quickly take off the squeegee clip without worrying about its height or address offset. The magnetic system effectively improves the accuracy when the squeegee clip is moved along the guide way.

  • In order to make the use of squeegee more flexible, we added a pressure regulator to the squeegee pressure, and used a large pressure gauge to clearly shows user the current settings of pressure value. The whole set of squeegee stand adopts pneumatic cylinder to do linear lifting, which also improves the precision problem of traditional hand-lifting and the problem of ink flooding to the screen.


Printing Pad

Fine Cause's Printing Pad is adopted high negative pressure demolding technology, and is used -2toll vacuum value to make printing pads. The actual inspection proves that there are no air bubbles in the cross-sectional view of the printing pad. In addition to improving the printing quality, the service life of the printing pad is also effectively improved.


Comparison to different results of demolding

▼ Failed demolding printing pad ▼ Printing pad by vacuum demolding
膠頭1 膠頭2


In 2015, we researched and developed a printing pad straightness inspection equipment and a servo printing pad hardness inspection machine which advanced among the peers.

Fine Cause's special printing pad for contact lens has won consistent good reputation in many industries.

We offer a variety of printing pad up to a hundred profiles, meanwhile, we offer the professional tooling techniques and fast lead time.

On Fine Cause's Technical Knowledge Base, accoring to the article How To Choose A Printing Pad in Printing Techniques, we humbly share our suggestions to those who need related instructions and guide.


Squeegee For Screen Printing

We selected the world’s top 3 brands of squeegee for various experiments, and finally found that Tecno SERITEC squeegees has the least expansion coefficient in the solvent-resistant experiment. Therefore, Fine Cause introduced it to Taiwan so that Taiwanese users have better option for better quality.

In 2020, we imported Unitex Marathon squeegees, Unitex Marathon is one of the brands under Trelleborg. Unitex squeegees perform extremely low chemical absorption from modern ink systems, and eliminates / significantly slows down the risk of squeegee deformation. They also have longer print runs and less downtime. Moreover, ultra sharp printing edge that provides exceptional print quality and accuracy.

Since the screen printing squeegee is soaked in corrosive ink for continuous use time, the solvent resistance of the screen printing squeegee has become an important selection criterion for us to choose a squeegee brand before becoming its agent. We also conducted actual printing experiments for this screen printing squeegee. We found that in the actual printing process, this screen printing squeegee is indeed more durable than other brands. In the continuous printing process, the printing quality is also quite good. These squeegees can be used on the screen printers and the manual screen printer with the same good quality.


Printing Inks

In addition to various pad printing and screen printing inks, Fine Cause also has sufficient options for pad printing and screen printing additives. We selected the world-renowned brand, RUCO inks, and has become its agent in Taiwan. The RUCO inks are fully in line with the latest environmental protection requirements that makes the quality of printing easier to be controlled.

RUCO inks, after years of use, its printing effect in pad printing and screen printing is indeed impressive. The application fields include plastic ink, metal ink, glass ink, or coating ink, pretreated PP ink and pretreated PE ink. The versatile RUCO inks can be one of the great pad printing inks and screen printing inks that you would like to get some sample for a trial.

Despite RUCO inks, we also offer other inks and various printing inks for a variety of application fields.


OEM Printing

In order to serve customers who have not yet decided to buy printers, Fine Cause also provides OEM printing services. In order to provide users with fast lead time and acceptable price for cliche plates, we have opened a department of printing plate grinding. The department of printing plate grinding offers services such as surface grinding, ccarborundum grinding, polishing, ect.

We have our own machine room to process fixtures. We also have a team lining up turning and milling engineers, printing engineers, drawing engineers, electronic control program engineers, etc. that we provide the most complete support for printing processing. We provide printing test for various materials: plastic printing, metal printing, special printing, surface printing, glass printing, touch panel glass printing, panel printing, ABS printing, electronic parts printing, PC printing, canvas printing, OEM printing, etc.

Because of sufficient supply for machine manufacturing and peripherals, our OEM printing provides better quality. We believe that we can offer good service for various requirement: metal surface printing, glass printing, even panel printing.

Therefore, we are confident to provide professional services and solutions for your requirements on OEM plastic surface printing, OEM metal surface printing, OEM glass printing. Especially for glass surface printing, which is a more difficult process, is also in the scope of our professional service. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any surface printing requiremnet.


Steel Plate Grinding and Manufacturing

Fine Cause’s steel plate grinding has been developing for years of experience. The flatness (+-0.025mm) has a very good performance, especially after 2012, every piece of steel plate made by Fine Cause has been polished before leaving to our customers.


Screen Stencil Mesh Manufacturing

We also have solid experiences on screen stencil mesh manufacturing. We have a 2.5D precision measuring instrument to implement inspections and a 12 million pixels industrial camera, which was added in 2016, to support each record and measurement.


Artwork Editing

Our team of artwork editing offers comprehensive services: cliche plate manufacturing, screen stencil mesh manufacturing, layout editing and film making. We use a 2.5D precision measuring instrument to implement inspections and a 12 million pixels industrial camera to support each record and measurement.


Printing Supplies

We offer special containers and bottles for our inks. More than that, we have magnifier, squeegees, blending tool, pantone color chip, doctoring cup, open-tray pad printer, pad printing brush, doctoring blade, polymer clay, manual screen printer, aluminum squeegee handle, squeegee clip, etc. Especially magnetic adsorption squeegee clip is the product which has been patented. In addition to the foresaid items, we also have vacuum manual screen printer, hair dryer stand for pad printer, etc. All are for your great shopping experience and lots of convenience.



We have peripherals for pad printer and screen printer such as UV curing machine, IR+UV type conveyor oven, upright oven, Infrared conveyor oven, drying rack, etc.


Machine Modification

We do also provide service such as machine modification. Mechanism change from open-tray to doctoring cup pad printer or additional output function are also in the scope of our services.


Used Pad Printer or Screen Printer

At the same time, we also buy and sell used pad printers or used screen printers and used peripherals of various brands, so that the seller can find the buyer and the buyer can find the goods.


Fine Cause has the most complete after-sales service team in the industry, and has developed many special pad printing and screen printing machines in these years. Fine Cause also sells pad printing equipment, screen printing equipment. We also sell some parts of the machine separately for individual shopping.

The pad printers manufactured in Fine Cause Taiwan have been ahead of the industry, but what we want to do is not only to be the first in Taiwan, but to be a world-renowned brand, and the same for screen printers. Over the past few years, Fine Cause's pad printing machinery and screen printing machinery have been continuously improved, allowing the application of pad printing and screen printing technology to be fully utilized.

In addition to manufacturing, in terms of pad printing and screen printing technology, Fine Cause also provides a lot of pad printing and screen printing technical data for user.



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