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About pad printing

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About pad printing

The Relationship Between Pad-Print and Printing

Pad-print is one of the gravure. Covering the ink on the steel plate and scraping the ink on the platform. This will leave the ink inside the notch. Using the rubber pad to stick the ink and then print it on the printed object. The objects can be all kinds of different materials. For example, plastic case, metal, high-tech related products and etc. Compare to screen-print, it is more suitable to use pad-print for small patterns, thin lines and uneven surface objects.


Jigs (Aids)

  • If the printing object is very thin and light, the platform with suction

    • function is recommended. Espically for those with large printing

    • pattern. When the pattern is big and the printed object is thin and

    • light, the ink will stick the object toghther with the screen. The suction

    • function is also used for the convenience of the fixed position.


  • Superstrength healant is commonly used to make the aids because it

    • is done fast and convenient.  Other materials like mealamine resin

    • and epoxy can also be used.


  • No matter what kind of the printing metheds used, it is very important to

    • keep the objects horizontal. However, the screen printing method

    • is the most severe.


  • If the printed pattern is very close to the edge of the object, it is the best

    • to add a pedestal to avoid center point of the pad hanging in the

    • air. This may cause the deformation of the pattern.


  • If the printed object is soft, it is better to place a padding block

    • underneath the printed object.


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