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Plan for the goal, and go for it
  • 2002年
    • The company was founded in June 2002. The initial business services were printing projects.
  • 2003年
    • Fine Cause started establishing the SOP of printing auxiliaries, e.g., rubber pads and cliches, etc.
  • 2004年
    • Fine Cause started manufacturing and marketing printing auxiliaries, e.g., rubber pads and cliches, etc.
  • 2005年
    • Fine Cause began to design pad printing machines. 
  • 2006年
    • Manufacture and patent application of pad printing machine have been started.
  • 2007年
    • Fine Cause began to manufacture variety of screen printing machines.
  • 2008年
    • The research and development of lite pad printing machines and long stroke pad printing machines have been carried on.
  • 2009年
    • Fine Cause successfully created an Optical Positioning 6-color Pad Printing Machine for Central Mint. The machine was packed a CCD camera, that made material indentification rapidly, a servo motor and 20 sets of precise rotating jig.

    • Fine Cause has developed a variety of rotating platform screen printing machines.

  • 2010年
    • Fine Cause launched a brand new mobile squeegee fixture.

    • Fine Cause applied a high-pressure demolding machine for rubber pad production.

  • 2011年
    • The Single color and the 2-color servo pad printing machines were launched.

    • The Automatic 3-color Pad Printing Machine + auto flipping device was launched.

    • The Automatic 4-color Pad Printing Machine and the Automatic 2-color Pad Printing Machine were launched.

  • 2012年
    • The Auto-Ignition Flame Treatment Machine was launched.

    • The 2-color Lite Rotating Platform Pad Printing Machine was launched.

    • Fine Cause applied a 2.5D microscope for precise measurement of cliches.

  • 2013年
    • Fine Cause has moved forward to the era of touch panel for the printing machines.

    • Fine Cause has cooperated with RUCO, and has become RUCO's agent in Taiwan.

  • 2014年
    • Fine Cause developed variety of Wet Grinding Machines for production of steel plates.

    • Fine Cause has cooperated with SERITEC Tecno, and has become SERITEC Tecno's squeegee business agent in Taiwan.

  • 2015年
    • Fine Cause adopted a great level of industrial camera to their production. It was coming the era of the innovative printing machines.
  • 2016年
    • Fine Cause's servo motor screen printing machines has hit the market due to their smart, digital, lite, and precise functions, and the reasonable price.

    • Fine Cause made an upgrade for the structure of their Automatic Bottle Printer, and launched the brand new model.

  • 2019
    • Customized super large pad printer - annual representative project
  • 2020
    • Imported Trelleborg Unitex squeegees and hit the market

    • Pad and screen printers all upgrade - human machine touch panel upgraded from 4.3 inches to 7 inches

    • Fine Cause's website rebuilt and became a RWD Responsive Website

    • Fine Cause Productivity APP has been launched

  • 2021
    • Fine Cause R&D of automatic gyroscopic mixer appears on the market.
  • 2022
    • Patent application for an ink cup pad printer with thermostat system, invention number I 762245.
  • 2002 ~ 2007 Performance of the frist 5-year
    Developing a printing srudio and printing supplies
  • 2007 ~ 2012 Performance of the second 5-year
    Massive development of pad and and screen printing machines
  • 2012 ~ 2017 Performance of the third 5-year
    Fine Cause has imported an intellectual concept to the printing machines, and plan to move forward to globalization.
  • 2018 ~ 2022 Performance of the forth 5-year
    Pad printers and screen printers are upgraded to digitalization. HMI upgrades to 7" and combined with smart factory APP. The official website has been revised into Responsive Web Design. Invention of ink cup pad printer with thermostat system with invention patent number I 762245.

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Plan for the goal, and go for it
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    Create intelligent machinery and equipment, starting from Taiwan to go international

  • Our business philosophy

     "Only creating ideal thoughts makes beautiful results"

  • Take the workplace as a dojo

    In the daily workplace, in adversity and prosperity, in the process of growth, cultivate one’s heart and spread positive energy

  • Working environment

    Create high-quality work and welfare, provide a wide range of learning environment, and discover unlimited potential

Fine Cause - Only creating ideal,thoughts makes beautiful results

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