About Us

The Founder

"Persistence and diligence makes a man" ,said the General Manager Su.


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When he was young as in an age of golden hue, he left school life after finishing his high school graduation and started having a job. He had jumped into lots of different industries, for instance, a delivery personnel, a sales person from a manufacturer of beeper and industrial thermometer, etc. In 1995, it was the 26th of his age when he entered to Guger Industries Co. Ltd. to serve as a sales specialist.

Since then, he has involved into a special relationship with the field of both pad and screen printing. In another 6 years of hard work in Guger, he got well comprehension of various types of pad and screen printing machinery, and learned related technologies. He showed his enthusiasm to each client, and took care of his clients' requirement and queries by offering the optimal solutions all over the time.

Life is supposed to move forward. Due to a great struggle in the bottleneck of his career in Guger, he realized that it was the time to come out a new plan. Thus, he decided to start his own business when he was 32.

In June 2002, Fine Cause Enterprise Co., Ltd. was born. Mr. Su was grateful for the enlightenment and cultivation of his previous company. At the initial stage, he only operated a printing studio. However, after 6-year business running, he found that printing studio could not be the only way to hit the market. To find a way out of the dilemma, he started designing and manufacturing machines and printing auxiliary. Take a look back to the initial scale of company, it was lack of technicians then. While time past a further decade, Fine Cause has impressed the worldwide industries of pad and screen printing by its high quality. The range of our product crosses from a 10 thousand NTD, basic device, to one which costs more than 10 million NTD, customization service. The application field includes various industries such as traditional, medical, optical, electronic industry, and glass panel, etc., however, we humbly receive the appreciation from each of our worldwide clients.

For all things that happened to Fine Cause, we deeply feel grateful. We believe that "integrity, kindness, humility, professionalism, diligence and pragmatism" are the core values of Fine Cause.

Thus, "Only creating ideal thoughts makes beautiful results." is always our business philosophy. This faith will be transferred from one generation to another.

Fine Cause has been working hard for a sustainable development with its faith since a decade ago. We will be cultivating inheritance of the next generation ahead of time through creating an extraordinary stage for every part of Fine Cause, so that we will have such strength to flag overseas as a renowned and international brand " Fine Cause ".