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Our Advantage

Within the past two decades, Fine Cause offers:

Professional R&D / Precise manufacturing / Cautious QC / Comprehensive service


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■  Fine Cause's capability to research and development

Excellence !  Within the past 20 years, Fine Cause never stops moving forward

The ultimate goals of our R&D work are Advance, Innovation and Standouts

Six Orientations are Printing Process, Mechanical Design, Electronic Control Program, Marketing, Technological Innovation and Globalization


  • Targeting the globalization

  • Take market demand and technological innovation as the core element

  • Take printing process, mechanism design, electronic control program as the core technology

  • FINE CAUSE is a small number of companies in the world that have set up their own printing OEMs. For many years, they have been the first to experience self-made machines for the printing department, so that the equipment can fully meet the needs of users and create a new generation of smart machinery

  • In-depth research in technology and structural design to create value differentiation

  • Listen to customer needs, provide customers with better quality solutions, tailor-made for customers and give quantitative concepts to propose better ideas, uphold the concept of win-win, joint development, humanization in the operation interface, production capacity information, to meet the quantitative needs of the production line , Create N times the production benefit

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Fine Cause's manufacturing capabilities

Professional & Pragmatic: Over the past 18 years, Fine Cause has surpassed its own limitations and continuously improved

§ Tooling and mass production

All standard equipment and its components are mostly manufactured in large quantities with low cost, such as aluminum extrusion, powder metallurgy, etc.


§ Modular production

Institutional modularization, program modularization, all standard modules have been verified in practice for many years

The establishment of standard equipment inventory, excellent personnel coordination, the factory has a working machine, and has the ability to process and modify parts, and quickly adjust the internal production capacity according to the customer's delivery date to meet customer needs


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Fine Cause's quality control ability

The core controllers are all conventional parts

Since 2012, our pad printers and screen printers have long no longer used microcomputer control circuit boards, because it is not easy to produce quality control in small quantities, which is the main reason for the failure of the printers and screen printers.

  • Fine Cause has been importing color touch panels and PLC controllers for 11 years, and the failure rate is always less than five per thousand

  • Using 2.5D, high-resolution camera, to measure each cliche plate before dispatch

  • Using our own design, Japan original precision printing pad hardness tester, to measure each batch of printing pad before packaging

  • Each printing pad is manufactured with vacuum defoaming below -1TORR

  • FineCause's pad printing machines are corrected by rigorous, scientific, and photoelectric inspection equipment before leaving the factory~


Continuous improvement

  • Inspire employees to pay attention to problems, improve their ability to solve problems, have the courage to break through difficulties and pursue the spirit of finding the roots, and pursue better but better


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Fine Cause's perfect service

  • We have a strong team lineup, and provide the most complete relevant technical information on the website open and free to download, and have maintenance service bases in North, Central and South Taiwan and overseas

  • Device remote connection monitoring to find problems quickly and save time

  • Cooperate with customers' automated equipment production line and import various information into PC with E-concept, such as: formula, operating program record, abnormal information, production information, production history, job number... and other data output, and store the information on the computer to achieve the information backup function and Security purpose

  • Pad and screen printing, consumables, equipment, etc. for mobile and screen printing, a full range of diversified choices and the convenience of one-time purchase by customers

Under the sustainable development, Fine Cause can provide various services in R&D, manufacturing, technology, quality, price, delivery and after-sales service. We have various applications for offering related peripheral equipment and business solutions