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SKD11 Steel Characters and Heat Treatment

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SKD11 Steel Characters and Heat Treatment

SKD11 (alloy tool steel): High-Carbon High-Chromium alloy steel with high hardness (appropriate toughness) and tempering hardening effect.

  • Examples like stamping mold, plastic mold and other multi-function items.After quenching, residual austenite is about 13% to 20%. It can be eliminated by cryogenic treatment or tempering process. For the molds

  • requiring both hardness and toughness, it is safer to use the hardness

  • of HRC58 with tempering process and secondary hardening

  • To increase the abrasion resistance of SKD11, you can use low-temperature tempering, and with the cryogenic treatment, life can be extended. It can also be prevented from being deformed at the same time.

  • Generally speaking, SKD11 uses 550 ~ 530 degrees for tempering

  • However, if you want to increase the abrasion resistance, you need to

  • use low-temperature tempering. Both have advantages and disadvantages.After tempering, it is with better toughness and increase the rupture resistance. The low-tempering has good abrasion resistance and long service life


  • Good Wear-ResistingGood QuenchingLess Deformation

  • Heat-Treated SteelHardness: HRC 58-62 Degree

  • Average Price, High Hardness, Most commonly Used Plate

  • Most Commonly Used on Molding

  • High Carbon/Chromium Alloy Steel. High Hardness and Proper Toughness w/Tempering Hardening Effect. It is the typical wind-hardened steel and is currently the best wear resistance of alloy tool steel.

  • Adding molybdenum, vanadium and other elements, it’s with wear-resisting, non-deformation, impact-resistance and other characteristics.

  • Secondary Refining, Good Cleanliness, Fine Grain


Application Range: SKD11 is often used in the main template(example: up, down templates, stripper plate and etc.) such as the steel plate for pad printing. Hardness falls at HRC60 ~ 62 degrees.


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