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Corona Treatment

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Corona Treatment
Simply say, ”corona” treatment is a ”shock” treatment, which causes the surface of the printed object to have higher adhesion. The generation of corona is to use high voltage and high frequency to generate electric shocks for the grounding and induced air nozzles. There is no current between them until the voltage reaches 3000~5000 volts/square centimeter. After that, the electric shock molecules are ejected from the air nozzle, and the high-energy free electrons accelerate to the positive electrode corona treatment. This is the effect of this dense and high-energy ejected ions.
What next? There ions destroy their molecular structure by electric shock and penetration into the surface of the printed object, and then oxidize and polarize the treated surface molecules. The electric shock erodes the surface by ionization, so as to increase the adhesion ability of the printed abject surface. If you are a scientific idiot like me , if you want to understand the physical characteristics of corona treatment, it is better to use time and spirit to do other work. As for how the electric shock is generated? Actually don’t care about it: what really needs to be understood is the handling of the object to be printed, and the help to the printing industry or the processing industry is important. 
Who needs corona treatment
Today’s market is facing environmental issues. With water-based printing inks or UV inks replacing solvent-based inks, the more we need corona treatment , this trend is clearly visible. Corona treatment is required for every printed plastic film, plastic lamination, plastic sheet, metal foil film, foil paper, etc. Many producers of film materials have corona treatment, they must do surface treatment of printed objects for downstream processor, and they are also engaged in surface treatment of paper, aluminum foil and film bonding, destroying the fiber on the surface of the paper, so what plastic film can be lighter and thinner to reduce costs. The market for corona treatment is constantly emerging like a large number of springs. They even think that 
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