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Clean Screen Printing Plate Tutorial

Clean Screen Printing Plate Tutorial


Required solvents and utensils:

  • Cliche cleaner

  • Cloth (non-reusable)



  • Method of distinguishing whether the screen is clean or not: Observe whether the printing part is left with ink. If it is not cleaned completely, it will cause the screen to be blocked in the next printing and the complete pattern cannot be printed.

  • If the ink melts with the hardener, it cannot be stored for the next use, because the hardener is mixed with the ink, causing the ink to harden after being discharged

  • It is recommended to use a clean container to contain the blended ink, because the blended ink has been changed the original chemical structure, if you put it back into the original ink tank, the fact that the original ink will deteriorate as much as possible

  • It is recommended to use the specific cloth