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FA-LV3-bottle screen printing machine(flame + UV curing)3rd generation

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Revision Date 2021/05/04

Bottle screen printing machine's The squeegee seat uses the tooth rod to move left and right to accurately adjust the position of the lower knife and the center point of the printed matter. Magnetic Squeegees Clip (Patent No. M390871) easy to positioning, load and unload. You can set the number of times the screen version is used, and it will automatically stop and marquee inform when it arrives.


FA-LV3-bottle screen printing machine(flame + UV curing)3rd generation

  • Built-in English, Traditional Chinese and Indonesian

  • 7-inch color touch panel screen and PLC controller.

  • Abnormal, insufficient air pressure automatic alarm, a marquee display will be provided

  • Feeding ramp mechanism

  • Suction feeding mechanism

  • Flame treatment

  • Servo curved screen printing mechanism

  • UV drying mechanism-

  • automatic discharging

  • Built-in smart bar charts which displays productivity, operating time, production speed, etc.

    *No matter where you are, as long as you download the Finecause APP, you can view the production capacity report and assist you in implementing your production management goals .

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