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Introduction of Italian SERITEC DM

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How to choose squeegee?

  • 65 SH is very soft, generally used in ceramic printing thick line patterns, thick ink layer.

  • 75 SH is generally used in clothing and glass printing.

  • 85 SH is used in high-speed automatic mechanical printing, generally used in CD, credit card, circuit board and thin line pattern, the ink layer is thin. Printed matter: if the surface of the printed matter you printed is rough and uneven , the most suitable hardness of the squeegee is between 60 SH and 70 SH; if the surface is smooth,80 SH~90SH is more suitable. Net yarn: If you use high mesh yarn, you need to use a higher hardness squeegee(80~90 SH);if you use gold onion ink (need flake shiny effect),you need to use a softer squeegee.



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