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Catalog of Printing Pad

Filename Catalog of Printing Pad.pdf
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Revision Date 2020/08/26

Catalog of Printing Pad(for free)


The respective suitability of printing pads are generally displayed in different colors of silicone.

We provide a variety of printing pads for different industries in pad printing.

Hardness: 0%-70%, physical catalog allows you to touch and preset the preferable hardness of printing pad before ordering. It also saves your time on looking for the appropriate pad and increases productivity and yield rate.

  • Red pad: High hardness, good ink absorption, suitable for printing non-bubble images and processing on textured surfaces.

  • Blue pad: good solvent resistance; suitable for mass production due to long range of use

  • White pad: good flexibility; available for making softer pads; good ink pick-up




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