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Fine Cause Smart Screen Printing Machine - Commercial 2016

Fine Cause's new smart model in 2016-In addition to retaining the original PLC control and servo motor, this design has been updated with new functions [Smart Statistics Chart] The new era of smart management of 30-day production capacity, operating time, CYCLE TIME, at a glance, Let it help you intelligently manage the overview of screen printing equipment:


There are many types of screen printing machines on the market, and the screen printing machine scraper driving methods include cylinder, AC induction motor, and servo motor. The disadvantage of the cylinder-type screen printing equipment is that it will be generated when it stops during the left and right movement. Sudden point, so it is easy to cause ink overflow phenomenon, due to the change of air pressure and the relationship between the resistance of the ink scraping, the speed of the ink scraping cannot be stabilized, causing problems such as thick and thin lines or ink overflow. However, its advantage is that it is cheap to manufacture, so in the past, the shells of traditional traditional printing, electrical appliances, and 3C products were all cylinder-type screen printers.


AC induction motor-driven screen printing equipment solves part of the scraping speed problem, it can not be affected by the size of the air pressure, but the resistance when scraping ink will still affect its speed, when the screen printing, the scraping rubber pressure knife is due to AC The induction motor is subjected to greater resistance and the speed is reduced. Another problem caused by the AC induction motor used in the scraping mechanism of the screen printing machine is that the speed adjustment range is not large, and the scraping speed and distance cannot be digitized and precise, which is not in line with the new generation. Industrial product applications. The servo motor screen printing machine solves all the above problems. The speed is completely unaffected by air pressure and resistance. The adjustable range is from 10mm/sec to 1000mm/sec. The accuracy of the scraping distance is within 0.01mm. Speed ​​can greatly improve printing quality and intelligent management for the new generation of precision screen printing machines. It has a wide range of applications, such as general traditional printing, silver paste, solder paste coating printing, precision glass plate printing, etc. all kinds of screen printing, coating, gluing.