FA-200 300TSN

screen printing equipment

FA-200 300TSN

screen printing equipment

Max printing area:140*100 and 140*200 mm respectively. The printable height is up to 200 mm, Flat screen printing machine with 7.0" HMI touch panel (65536 color TFT), good visual and easy to use. Ink Scraping System equip with servo motor, ball screw and linear guide, movement stable and fine tolerance.
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FineCause's Silk screen printing machine imported to industrial I.O.T., combine smart factory App, assist you to implement production management goals through synchronous monitoring

FA-200 300TSN-Screen Printing Equipment

semi auto screen printer by servo motor

This semi-automatic flat screen printing machine adopts servo motor design. Using precise servo motor, ball screw and linear guide for ink scraping, movement stable, printing more accurate. 

It's different with pneumatic cylinder type screen printer, will not generate ink leaking problem which affected by the air pressure and the left and right anti-collision buffers.

Flat screen printing machine equipment feature :

  • 7.0" HMI touch panel with 65536 color TFT, The man-machine interface can be easily switched to select the language:English, Indonesian, Vietnamese ,Thai andTraditional Chinese. 

    • Input & output full display

    • Abnormal warning display, convenient for quickly eliminate abnormalities

    • Digital pressure sensor, automatic alarm display for insufficient air pressure

    • Able to set the number of times which silk screen is used, and it will automatically stop and display inform when the number is arrives.

    • PLC Programmable Logic Controller easy to add and modify function

  • Servo ink Scraping System provide the entire scraping process able to control within a fine tolerance.

  • Silk screen printing stencil frame holder left-right moving by linear guide, smoothness and more precision than T-track.

  • Precise CNC machining assembly bushing up-down system attain high precision, easy to move up and down, stable and quiet.

  • Pneumatic Squeegees up down station

    • pressure adjustable

    • Easy to positioning squeegees, without height-offset or ink flow out problem comparing to traditional mechanism

    • More convenience to clean the silk screen

  • The lifting height of screen stencil is by digital control.

  • Digital lifting is set by HMI.

Digital-lifting-is-set-by-HMI..jpg (21 KB)

  • The air brake is adopt for screen stencil lifting.

    • The air brake is to use the circuit + air pressure mechanism to decelerate in advance before ascending and descending to the desired position; so as to achieve smoothness, reduce crash sound, and increase stability.

not-use-hydraulic-buffer-cylinders.jpg (30 KB)

  • This screen printing machine does not use hydraulic buffer cylinders; so there is no need to replace the related parts, which saves consumables.

  • Flat screen printing machine adopts a magnetic squeegee clip (Patent No. M390871) makes the squeegee position can be slided easily and is simple to adjust and disassemble.

  • Built in smart bar chart, production data displayed by graphs in the past 30 days. Connect with FineCause smart factory APP, no matter where you are, you can overview the production data of your silk screen printer.

  • Flat surface screen printng machine is able to install with disc divider, suction system, pressing positioning, pushing positioning, automatic load & unload mechanism, industrial cameras, actuators and other peripheral institutions.

Suitable for the electronics industry that requires precision, applying solder paste or high-density glue to use. 

The best quality silk screen printing machine in FineCause 
~Looking for screen printing machine manufacturer inquire to FineCause

FineCause is professional silk screen printing machine, servo screen printing machine, semi-auto silk screen printing machine and automatic screen printing machine manufacturer. 

FineCause have imported Servo motor ink scarping system in 2016, component production adopted extrude integrally molded. Currently have the best price among whole Taiwan servo motor screen printer manufacturers.

FineCause silk screen printer already have a foothold and good reputation in Taiwan. We’re ready for worldwide market and have a professional team to provide service at any time, please feel free to contact us if you’re interest to our machine or be our distributor.


Model FA-200TSN FA-300TSN
Color 1 1
Cycles/hr  600~1800 600~1800
Machine Size (cm)  L:58 W:67 H:168 L:58 W:77 H:168
Pressure(kg/cm2 psi) 4~6 4~6
Power Consumtion(A) 5A 5A
Voltage(V) 220V, Signal phase  220V, Signal phase 
Platform Size(mm) 100*220 100*220
Printing Area(mm)
140*100 140*200
Max. Height of
Printed Object(mm) 
200 200
Platform Moving Distance(mm) 200 300
Platform Height (mm) 0~100 0~100
Weight 160 KG 165KG




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