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The Relationship Between Screen-Print and Printing

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The Relationship Between Screen-Print and Printing


Screen printing method - The printed pattern is composed by thousands of the small holes (mesh) on screen plate. Pouring the ink on the screen plate and place the printed object underneath. The ink will go through the mesh and print the pattern on the object. It is aslo called “Silk-Screen Printing”because the screen material is silk.

Screen printing is a versatile printing. It can be used to print on a variety of materials such as clothes, ceramics, tea sets, electrical appliances, large billboards, plastic, metal and high-tech related products. It has become a indispensable technology nowadays.


Printing Platform and Jigs (Aids)

  • If the printing object is very thin and light, the platform with suction function is recommended. Espically for those with large. printing pattern. When the pattern is big and the printed. object is thin and light, the ink will stick the object toghther.with the screen. The suction function is also used for the.convenience of the fixed position.

  • Superstrength healant is commonly used to make the aids is done fast and convenient.  Other materials like mealamine resin and epoxy can also be used.

  • No matter what kind of the printing metheds used, it is very important to keep the objects horizontal. However, the screen printing method is the most severe.

  • If the printed pattern is very close to the edge of the object, it is the best to use a pedestal and place it lower than the object to keep it fixed. In short, place the padding block and support the object for 3~5 cm on 4 sides.

  • If the object surface is curved shape, make the aids and object the same “center of a circle” and “radius”.  It does not necessary have to be cylinder shape. The cone shape can be done as well but it it a little harder to print.


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