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How to Select Pad-Print and Screen-Print

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semi automatic Ink cup pad printing machine

How to Select Pad-Print and Screen-Print

Print material, print shape, print pattern, pattern thickness and other characteristics need to be considered.

Project Pad Printing-Characteristics Pcreen Printing-Characteristics
Material of Printed Object Plastic, Metal, Ceramic, Glass, Rubber, Paper, Cloth and etc. Plastic, Metal, Ceramic, Glass, Rubber, Paper, Cloth and etc.
Shape of Printed Object  Plane, Concave, Convex, Curved, Irregular Surface,Texture Surface Plane, Curved Shape (Cylinder, Cone)
Printed Pattern
  • Normally, the printed pattern for pad-print is not big.( Within 80mm D.)

  • Bigger pattern is printable. But the cost is higher.

  • For small/thin pattern, pad-print is more suitable than screen-print.

  • It has relatively less restriction for screen-print. 100-200 cm pattern is printable.

  • Screen print is suitable for bigger printed pattern.   

Pattern Thickness Thinner. The thickness of the printed pattern is less than 0.01mm  Thicker. The thickness can be controlled by screen’s thickness and hardness of the squeegee.
Other Characteristics
  • The ink used for pad-print dries faster and is specially suitable for multicolor printing.

  • Ink-cup print is applicable which seals the ink to keep it clean. It is stable and environmental friendly.    

  • It has relatively less restriction for the ink used on screen-print. BesidesSolvent-Evaporation ink, the liquid materialsuch as UV ink, superglue are all applicable.

  • The cost of making the screen plate is cheaper than making the steel plate if theprinted pattern is the same.

👉Screen printing is a versatile printing. It can be used to print on a variety of materials such as clothes, ceramics, tea sets, electrical appliances, large billboards, plastic, metal and high-tech related products.

👉For smaller graphic printing that cover around 25% of the product's 

Screen printer please click here

Pad printer please click here


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