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FA-500TXN-Dual Axle Servo Motor Platform Screen Printer

FA-500TXN-Dual Axle Servo Motor Platform Screen Printer

■ Feature:

  • 7.0 inches multicolor touch screen with 65536 TFT colors

    • Input/output sensors set and marked at all stations.

    • Error alerted by scrolling text - can be easily resolved by operators.

    • Electronic air pressure sensing - automatic alert at low air pressure.

    • Able to set printing pad and cliché plate usage count, machine stops and alerts when set usage count has been achieved.

    • Dual axle can be manually adjusted; left and right printing/stencil vertical traveling speed - the larger the value, the faster, maximum speed 999 mm/sec.

  • Adopted programmable logic controller - easy to set functions and operations.

    • Pneumatic cylinder rotation speed displayed on monitor.

    • Multiple sets of formula storage and parameter settings.

  • Magnetic Squeegee Clip (patent number M390871).The squeegee clip can be easily moved, adjusted or removed.

  • Vertical servo lifting versus traditional lifting - fast/slow.

    • Adjustable vertical servo lifting and drop speed at specific position.

    • Traditional (manual) lifting usually results in deviation of squeegee height.

    • Servo lifting mechanism gives convenient cleansing space.

    • Manual lifting squeegee may cause ink flooding out of stencil screen

    • Printing and screen stencil (dual axle) lifting.

    • Adopted servo motor with linear guideway and ball screw.

  • Built-in 5 languages: Traditional Chinese, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai.

  • Production record: built-in smart bar chart displays machine .productivity, operating time, production rate, etc. in the past 30 days.

  • Smart factory APP - check your machine productivity anytime anywhere


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