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FA-800TSF Servo Motor Vacuum Table Screen Printer

FA-800TSF Servo Motor Vacuum Table Screen Printer

Servo Motor Screen Printer w/suction Function

  • The use of high-precision servo motors and slides for squeegee operation shows stable performance.

  • The left and right frame clamps are shifted by the use of a linear slide rail which gives smoother and more accurate operation.

  • The Magnetic Squeegee Holder (patent no. M390871) – easy and removable squeegee holder

  • The pneumatic squeegee arm device is vertical movement.

  • The Vacuum Table – firmly grips the material

  • The screen frame clamp is equipped with a step motor to its lift mechanism that avoids the sticking issue of large screen printing.

  • Intimate anti-pinch device to protect users from injury



Application :

Paper, PVC Membrane, Transfer Paper, Acrylic Printing.