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FA-400THN-Desktop Screen Printing Machine

No need to peel off the screen stencil during printing process, which is not easy to plug the screen and stick dust. 

FA-400THN-Desktop Screen Printing Machine

Feature of screen printer: 

  • The screen stencil will not lift during printing. No need to peel off the screen stencil.

    • So save inks (there is no need to peel off the screen stencil so that the ink volatilization will be slow).

    • So not easy to plug the screen.

    • So not easy to stick dust.

  • Easy for novice, smooth production.

    • The first choice for selecting semi-automatic screen printers.

    • The dimension of the printer is small, which is able to place on the desktop directly and easy to transport with economical price.

  • Ink scraping process is moved by pneumatic cylinder which is stable and effortless. 

  • The screen printer is able to be equipped with suction vacuum converter.

  • X, Y, Z 3 axis direction and angle of the platform for screen printer can be adjusted.

  • The printing platform can be moved back and forth that the sight will not be obstructed while picking and placing the object.

  • Magnetic squeegee clip.

    • With magnetic squeegee clip (patent M390871), the squeegee position can be slided easily and the squeegee can be adjusted and disassemble simply.

  • The reciprocating speed of sliding table can be adjusted in order to increase printing productivity. 

  • Move left/move right speed adjustment.

    • The action time of squeegee and ink return knife can be adjusted in order to increase productivity and printing quality.

  • Screw holes on the platform is for easy installation of fixing jig.


Made in Taiwan. Great value for money.