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FA-LV1-KL Automatic Monochrome Curved Screen Printer

FA-LV1-KL Automatic Monochrome Curved Screen Printer

Fine Cause's Silk screen printing machine imported to industrial I.O.T., combine smart factory App, assist you to implement production management goals through synchronous monitoring

Screen printing machine Feature:

  • Built in smart bar chart, production data displayed by graphs in the past 30 days. Connect with FineCause smart factory APP, no matter where you are, you can overview the production data of your silk screen printer.
  • 7.0'' HMI touch panel with 65536 color TFT, built-in Chinese, English and Bahasa language.
    • Input & output full display
    • Abnormal warning display, convenient for quickly eliminate abnormalities
    • Digital pressure sensor, automatic alarm display for insufficient air pressure
    • The screen printer able to set the number of times which silk screen is used, and it will automatically stop and display inform when the number is arrives.
  •  PLC Programmable Logic Controller easy to add and modify function
  • 1 unit normal UV curing can make better performance of drying speed .
  • High frequency output normal UV light, drying faster and saving space. 
  • Left to Right Stroke - Servo Motor + Linear Guideway + Ballscrews. 
  • Pneumatic Squeegee Stand – Up and Down. 
  • Manual feeding and automatic discharging. 
  • Flame treatment (deal with PP bottle).. 
  • Can be increase to 6 colors as required by client.
  • Cycle/Hour : 1500~3600. 

FineCause is professional silk screen printing machine, servo screen printing machine, semi-auto silk screen printing machine and automatic silk screen printing machine manufacturer.