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FC-191ANC-CI-Pad printer w /Cross Red light Laser Pointer moudle and InkCup Cylinder independently

Be applicable 90mm inkcup, suitalbe for120*240mm cliche

FC-191ANC-CI Pad printer w /Cross Red light Laser Pointer moudle and InkCup Cylinder independently  

Feature : 

  • The inkcup cylinder structure for this pad printing machine which is sepreate with pad cylinder structure.  Both of them are operate by independent system, it's different with the standard pad printer.

  • This pad printer equipped the cross red light laser pointer which will became a reference to find the correct printing position more faster and conveniencely.

  • The new generation of lightened sliding sleeve goes with composite bearing seat that is fast, stable and accurate

  • Stability, tightness and precision are improved to the best performance

  • Neat and tidy process of ink pick-up. The act of ink deposit leaves no trace

  • The pad printing machine is fully upgraded with a 7-inch color touch panel screen and PLC controller. Good visual effect, easy operation, easier and more convenient to use. The man-machine interface can be easily switched to select the language:Traditional Chinese, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai.

  • Input & output full display

    • Abnormal warning display, convenient for quickly eliminate abnormalities

  • Digital pressure sensor, automatic alarm display for insufficient air pressure

  • Able to set the number of times which Pad-Print Printing is used, and it will automatically stop and display inform when the number is arrives.

  • PLC Programmable Logic Controller easy to add and modify function

  • Independent pressure adjustable ink cup scraping system (Patent No. M311585) with magnetic ink cup cover, convenience to adjust ink cup pressure and ink cup assemble with printing plate.

  • Pad printer equip with light bulbs for auxiliary lighting.

  • Pad station XY-axis adjusting by lead screw, easy and precision positioning

  • FineCause pad printing machine is able to equip with disc divider, suction system, turning system, rotating system, automatic load & unload mechanism, industrial cameras, actuators and other peripheral institutions.

  • Built in smart bar chart, production data displayed by graphs in the past 30 days. Connect with FineCause smart factory APP, no matter where you are, you can overview the production data of your pad printer.