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Pad Printing Machine by Temp-control

A Temp-control Pad Printing Machine

How to let the printing quality continue to be good?

Fine Cause invented a pad printer that can "control temperature".

【Thermostatic Pad Printing Machine】

"By heating up the printing ink, the beautiful ink deposit effect can be kept and constantly good."


~How surprising! A great invention of pad printing machine!

"Taiwan Invention Patent" number 110109931 thermostatic ink cup pad printing machine.

Purpose: to avoid negative conditions and quality from environmental temperature variation.



  • Human-machine interface control temperature is simple and easy to operate.

  • Pad printer with thermostatic system can keep the temperature constant, which make the printing quality stable.

  • The pad printer is equipped with a temperature-control system, which can make the ink temperature higher than room temperature to increase the volatilization speed that will have better ink deposit.

  • Pad printing machine with thermostatic system can improve the issue of the fluidity of the applied ink and reduces bubbles in the mixture.

  • The pad printing machine is equipped with a temperature-control system, which is available for improving ink opacity.

  • Pad printing machine with thermostatic system is able to improve production efficiency: original 2 layers print turned into 1 layer print based on the same good quality.


How to let the printing quality continue to be good?

According to our current knowledge in the pad printing machine industry and market, the operation conditions are usually at a room temperature area. As a result, the conditions can be different from temperature variation and various weather changes, on the other hand, the printing quality usually depends on the room temperature. 

We have done such experiments and proved that the cliche plate bracket can be heated and kept at 40 degrees Celsius by "intalling a special heating device". Moreover, the thermostat system creates a constant and premium printing quality because it reduces possible element from temperature.

Most applied printing ink among pad printing industries is the solvent-based type. A complete printing needs semi-dried ink on the printing pad during transfer process. Meanwhile, the printing ink volatilization speed has to be adjusted at times. For thicker lines, the deeper etched pattern is supposed to use a faster volatile ink. However, the aforementioned condition also has to be implemented under corresponding environments.

Digitized printing temperature control is a tech which gives better control on printing ink volatilization rate. By heating the cliche, the printing ink volatilization rate can be efficiently facilitated, and this process makes the printing ink transfer (deposit) from the printing pad much easier.

The volatile printing ink has a significant feature that the printing ink fluifity gets better under a level of heating treatment. The issue of ink picks also can be resolved via the aforementioned method. We also discovered that the heated cliche plate helps the printing ink deposit performance and increases deposit thickness of the ink layer. Therefore, the tech can also improve the ink opacity onto a dark material.


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