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Pad printing – OEM service (switch)

Pad printing – OEM service (switch)


Actual printing equipment and consumables

  • Printing pad number: FC-06 10%

  • Printing ink: RUCO series T200 + RUCO 100VR1433 HARDENER-10%

  • Applied machine: FC-161ANC Semi-automatic Monochrome Ink Cup Pad Printer

  • Material: ABS


Printing materials and pictures

  • Material Size: L 2.5* W 1.6 cm

  • Artwork Size: Ø 0.5 cm

We have our own machine room to process fixtures. We also have a team lining up turning and milling engineers, printing engineers, drawing engineers, electronic control program engineers, etc. that we provide the most complete support for printing processing. We provide printing test for various materials: plastic printing, metal printing, special printing, surface printing, glass printing, touch panel glass printing, panel printing, ABS printing, electronic parts printing, PC printing, canvas printing, OEM printing, etc.