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Pad printing - USB flash drive

Pad printing - USB flash drive

  • Additional hot air system enhances ink deposit from the printing pad

  • The applied printing pad FC-106 0% 

  • Anodized surface which is suitable for series T01 screen printing ink with additional hot air blower during process. 


 OEM Printing

In order to serve customers who have not yet decided to buy printers, Fine Cause also provides OEM printing services. In order to provide users with fast lead time and acceptable price for cliche plates, we have opened a department of printing plate grinding. The department of printing plate grinding offers services such as surface grinding, ccarborundum grinding, polishing, ect.

We have our own machine room to process fixtures. We also have a team lining up turning and milling engineers, printing engineers, drawing engineers, electronic control program engineers, etc. that we provide the most complete support for printing processing. We provide printing test for various materials: plastic printing, metal printing, special printing, surface printing, glass printing, touch panel glass printing, panel printing, ABS printing, electronic parts printing, PC printing, canvas printing, OEM printing, etc.