pad printing machine by 2-color ink-cup w/x-y slide table


pad printing machine by 2-color ink-cup w/x-y slide table

The advantage of the 2 color pad printer with sliding table is that it only needs to install 1 jig to do 2 printing. For indexing table or carousel, it will need multiple sets of same jigs. So the slideing table pad printer is especially suitable for users with small production volume since the cost is also lower than indexing table or carousel one. A thermostatic printing system, rotary mechanism, hot air device, etc can be added additionally.
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Pad printing machine by 2-color ink-cup w/x-y slide table-FC-162ACC

Fine Cause's pad printing machine imported to industrial I.O.T., combine smart factory App, assist you to implement production management goals through synchronous monitoring.


  • A thermostatic printing system can be added to achieve a more ideal printing effect by controlling the ink temperature.

    • After the pad printing machine is equipped with a thermostatic printing system, the cliche temperature can be controlled. By increasing the ink temperature, the complete ink deposit can be maintained constantly. Printing conditions and quality are not affected by external ambient temperature. Let the printing pad 【ink absorption capacity】 and 【ink deposit capacity】increase.

    • Improve the issue of burrs and ink picks!

  • Equipped with a rotary mechanism jig to automatically turn the object over for printing. It can automatically turn the front and back sides to do printing, which is accurate and fast. The productivity is increased as well.

  • The pad printer is fully upgraded with a 7-inch color touch panel screen and PLC controller. Good visual effect, easy operation, easier and more convenient to use. The man-machine interface can be easily switched to select the language:English, Indonesian, Vietnamese ,Thai andTraditional Chinese. 

  • adjust the pressure of sealed Ink cup -Scraping

  • Embedded lighting equipment

  • Malfunction by Screen Display

  • Adjustable Ink-Cup Pressure

  • Electronic Air Pressure Sensor

  • Adjustable Steel Plate Base. Able to Change Angles front and back, left to right

  • Easy to add additional devices

    • Ex. slide rail, round plate, oval plate, suction function, flip function, rotate function,Hot air device, and blow dryer shelf, etc

  • Built in smart bar chart, production data displayed by graphs in the past 30 days. Connect with FineCause smart factory APP, no matter where you are, you can overview the production data of your pad printer.

  • Fine Cause produced pad printers own exclusive patent (No. M311585) and is different from others which only use magnet for suction function. Our new double-axis ink-scarping system makes it better and cleaner for scraping the ink.

Suitable For : Toys, Stationery, Jewelry, Watch Surface, Eelectronic Products, Switches, Buttons, Metal finished and semi-finished products, Ceramic Glass products, uneven surface printing.

Additional precision indexing plate makes it easy to access the materials. It is also able to expand the automation peripherals to increase production.


Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/hr Dimension (cm) Net W.
FC-162ACC 2 90*200 800~1500 Pcs L:80 W:50 H:140 125 Kgs


Model/Spec. FC-161BNC FC-161DNC Mini FC-161ANC FC-161CNC
Horizontal Scraping
Single-Color Single-Color Single-Color Single-Color Two-Color
Ink-Cup Pad-Printer Ink-Cup Pad-Printer Ink-Cup Pad-Printer Ink-Cup Pad-Printer Ink-Cup Pad-Printer-60Ø
Air Pressure(kg/cm2 psi) 4~6 4~6 4~6 4~6 4~6
Power Consumption(A) 3 3 3 3 3
Voltage (V) 110V & 220V 110V & 220V 110V & 220V 110V & 220V 110V & 220V
Platform Size(mm) 60*110 80*220 80*220 80*220 80*220
Max. Print Area(mm) Ø50 Ø50 Ø50 170*50 Ø50
Max. Height ofPrinted Object(mm) 120 180 180 180 180
Platform Moving Distance(mm) 125 (Front/Back) 125 (Front/Back) 125 (Front/Back) 160 (Left to Right) 125 (Front/Back)
Height -Pad Stand to Steel Plate(mm) 94 94 100 100 100
Max.Steel Plate Size(mm) 90*200 90*200 90*200 80*350 90*200




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