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How to Select the Suitable Rubber Pads?

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How to Select the Suitable Rubber Pads?

Shapes & Sizes of the Pads

  • Normally, we select the pads basing on the sizes of the printed pattern

  • If there are many fine lines, we use sharper and harder pads

  • Use bigger/softer/flater pads for bigger printed patterns

  • If there is combination of the patterns, use combinative pads

  • When pressing the pad to a certain level, the pressing angle is not good for exhaustion. Therefore, do not choose too small pads when basing on printed size

  • When using harder pad, the pressing speed must exceed ink-floating speed. Otherwise, the underflow-ink might occur

  • When the ink contains too many bubbles, a harder pad can sometimes discharge the air out of the ink

  • When the printed area is curved, the deformation occurs when you press the pad too fast


Hardness of the Pads

  • Some silcone are soft and suitable fpr soft pads. However, some silcone are only suitable for hard pads . If making it into soft pads, it will reduce the life of the pads.

  • Normally, the sharper/harder the pads are, the better exhaustion they are. Therefore, we use sharper/harder pads for thinner lines and patterns.

  • Hard pads are with better exhaustion but it is also easier to cause underflow-ink.

  • For bigger area printing, use softer pads to avoid uneven shades.

  • The harder the pads are, the greater that the pads can hold when printing.


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