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FA-LV1 Automatic Single Color Silicone Bottle Screen Printer

FA-LV1 Automatic Single Color Silicone Bottle Screen Printer

  • Design by mechanism and program module could be assemble for 1 ~ 6 colors

  • The screen printing machine is suitable for the bottle size Ø8~60mm, the length is 20~210mm.

  • Production speed:1500~3600pcs/hr (Depending on the size for printing image)

  • Squeegee stand position adjusted by nominal shank, easier to adjust printing position

  • Screen printing machine is suitable for different types of squeegee.

  • Adjustable printing angle, to adapt different shape of bottle

  • Adsorbed Squeegee Clip (Patent No. M390871).

    • Easier to change the squeegee position, adjust and disassemble the stand.

  • High frequency output UV light, drying faster and saving space

  • Programmable Logical Controller – Easy to add functions

  • 7 Inches Touch Panel (65536 Color TFT HMI Interface)

    • Input/Output Full Display

    • Malfunction Detector / Screen Display – Makes it easier for operator to resolve the problem

    • Electronic Air Pressure Sensor – Alarms

    • Free to set up the screen plate used number of times. The machine will stop when it reaches the set value.

  • Pneumatic Squeegee Stand – Up and Down

    • Traditional machines are manually lifted and easily change the squeegee position

    • When lift the squeegee stand, the ink is outflow easily.

    • More convenience to clean the printing screen plate.

  • Screen printing machine uses German  FESTO Cylinder