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Dual Axis Servo Curved Screen Printing Machine-FA-400RXN

【Automatic positioning, more precise overprinting】

Dual Axis Servo Curved Screen Printing Machine-FA-400RXN

(Automatic postitioning device for curved printing)

  • All packed with a servo motor, a linear guideway and a ball screw rod at vertical and horizontal movement parts.

    • Easy but accurate adjustments; better for longer screen or material life; higher printing quality

  • The backward bottom part of the screen printer cosists of extruded aluminum alloy which is lighter, high accuracy and fast movement

    • Upper and lower extruded sliding bushing - lighter weight, fast, stable and quiet operational quality.

  • The screen printing machine packed with a 7 inches multicolor color screen with 65536 colors TFT touch interface; built-in 5 languages including Traditional Chinese, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai

    • Input/output sensors set and marked at all stations

    • Error alerted by scrolling text - can be easily resolved by operators

    • Electronic air pressure sensing - automatic alert at low air pressure

    • Able to set printing pad and cliché plate usage count, machine stops and alerts when set usage count has been achieved

    • PLC Programmable Logic Controller easy to add and modify function

  •  Magnetic Squeegee Clip (patent number M390871)

    • The squeegee clip can be easily moved, adjusted or removed

  • Pneumatic Squeegees up down station

    • pressure adjustable

    • Easy to positioning squeegees, without height-offset or ink flow out problem comparing to traditional mechanism

    • More convenience to clean the silk screen

  • Production record: built-in smart bar chart displays machine productivity, operating time, production rate, etc. in the past 30 days

  • Smart factory APP - check your machine productivity anytime anywhere


Application : 

Curved surfaces, cylindrical objects, tubes, shampoo bottles, cosmetics, baby bottles...containers, etc.