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Screen Printing Machine by Servo Motor w/ Suction Function-FA-300TSF

FA-300TSF-Screen Printing Machine by Servo Motor w/ Suction Function

Feature :

  • The suction function of screen printing machine can fix the material without displacement; even the thin glass can be sucked and fixed.

  • It adopts precise servo motors and slide rails to scrape ink, which the movement is stable. It's different with pneumatic cylinder type screen printing machine, which will not generate ink leaking problem that affected by the air pressure and the left and right anti-collision buffer.

  • The precise slide rail of the screen printing machine provides a stable support for the squeegee holder set, which let the entire scraping process can be controlled within a fine tolerance.

  • The back plate of the screen printing machine is extruded from aluminum alloy, which reaches the standard of light weight and high precision. It can be moved up and down lightly.

    • The upper and lower slide bushing are extruded, which the weight is reduced and the operation is fast, stable and quiet.

  • The movement of the left and right stencil frame clips of the screen printing machine is moved by linear slide rails, which is smoother and more precise than T-track.

  • Color touch panel, built-in 3 languages, Traditional Chinese, English, and Indonesian.

    • Input, output, the position of each sensor are shown in the multiple areas of the machine.

    • Abnormal alarm displays by marquee, which is convenient for production personnel to eliminate abnormalities quickly.

    • Electronic air pressure sensing. Alarm display automatically for insufficient air pressure.

    • Printing pad usage count and chiche usage count can be set. It will automatically stop and alarm while reaching the target number of time.

    • Adopting Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), which is easy to add or modify functions.

  • Magnetic Squeegees Clip (Patten No. M390871)

    • You can slide the squeegee location easily and easy to adjust or disassemble as well. 

  • This screen printing machine adopts pneumatic squeegee set to lift linearly.

    • Without the issue of squeegee height deviation, which will occur in traditional manual lifting.

    • There will be no issue that the ink will flow out of the screen stencil, which will occur in  manual squeegee lifting.

    • It is more convenient to clean the screen stencil.


  • such as paper printing, PVC film printing, transfer paper, acrylic printing, etc.