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FABM01-Hot Stamping Machine /Bronzing Machine

FABM01-Hot Stamping Machine /Bronzing Machine


Bronzing enhances texture, has metallic luster, 

is not afraid of oxidation, and can be changed into different colors


  • Equipped a human-computer interface and a digital touch screen. The screen displays the stamping temperature and the consuming time which can be stored in its formula page for your permanent reference.

  • Adjustable platform with X-Y axis and various angles. The large X-Y platform makes posistioning fast, precise and convenient during processing.

  • Adjustable up-and-down stroke

  • Rapid disassembly formwork

  • The maximum hieght of processing stroke is 150mm above platform.

  • The mobile sliding table keeps the stamping area away from operator area - safety design

  • IoT production monitoring - including the intelligent factory APP Built in smart bar chart, production data displayed by graphs in the past 30 days. Connect with FineCause smart factory APP, no matter where you are, you can overview the production data of your Hot Stamping Machine