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FA-LV3 Automatic monochrome curved bottle printing servo screen printer (flame+UV curing)

FA-LV3 Automatic monochrome curved bottle printing servo screen printing machine/curved screen printer (flame + UV curing)

  • 7-inch color touch panel screen and PLC controller.

  • Built-in English, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai.

  • Abnormal, insufficient air pressure automatic alarm, a marquee display will be provided

  • Feeding ramp mechanism

    • Can be increase to 6 colors as required by client.

    • Can be equipped with fully automatic feeding mechanism

  • Production speed: 900~2400 pcs/h, depending on the actual printing area

  • The applicable round bottle has a diameter of 40~80mm 

  • and a length of 40~130mm.

    • Can be planned and designed according to the bottle size.

  • Suction feeding mechanism

    • Equipped with a feed sensor, it can suck the feed accurately and quickly, improve stability, and prevent falling and jamming

  • Flame treatment

    • Using PLC control core, the number of seconds of flame treatment can be set,Can achieve the most ideal surface treatment effect.

  • Servo curved screen printing mechanism

    • The squeegee seat  uses the tooth rod to move left and right to accurately adjust the position of the lower knife and the center point of the printed matter

    • Magnetic Squeegees Clip (Patent No. M390871) easy to positioning, load and unload.

    • You can set the number of times the screen version is used, and it will automatically stop and marquee inform when it arrives

    • Pneumatic Squeegee seat Stand – Up and Down.

    • Suitable for flat, inclined, arrow-shaped squeegee, The tilt angle can be adjusted arbitrarily during printing to adapt to bottles with insufficient roundness.

    • Servo mobile transport mechanism

    • Servo transfer mechanism can control speed and reduce inertia

  • UV drying mechanism-UV curing equipment to optimize drying speed

    • High-frequency output of ordinary ultraviolet light, drying faster and saving time.

  • Built-in smart bar charts which displays productivity, operating time, production speed, etc.

    • No matter where you are, as long as you download the Finecause APP, you can view the production capacity report and assist you 

  • in implementing your production management goals 

  • automatic discharging