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Laser Pringting Pad Straightness Inspection Machine-FCPL-CS

Quick and accurate inspection of printing pad straightness.  

FCPL-CS  Laser Pringting Pad Straightness Inspection Machine

  • The seat for the laser detection distance is adjusted by the scale hand wheel.

  • Adopt electronic air pressure detection.

  • Suitable for Ø12~Ø30mm printing pad holder (3 jaw chuck clamping).

    • The printing pad fixing mechanism can be designed according to the requirements, so both long and short printing pad can be shared.

  • Control by precise servo motor. The detection speed and turn number can be set.

  • Adjustable laser head detection position in X,Y,Z direction.

  • Adopt color touch panel. The inspection standards can be set.

  • The printing pad straightness inspection machine will automatically distinguish inspection result that is OK or NG.

    • When the tolerance value is exceeded, the warning sound and the text marquee display notification.

  • Automatically record measurement data to the computer.

    • Data transfer to computer Excel table.