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Heat transfer printing machine/Hot stamping machine/Flat Heat transfer printer-FABM300TM-JM

The heat transfer printer is equipped with the precise positioning index table with 6 stations. The positioning accuracy is +/-0.02mm.


Heat transfer printing machine/Hot stamping machine/Flat Heat transfer printer-FABM300TM-JM

Equipment content:

  • Customized iron table

  • Independent HMI

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

  • Precise positioning index table with 6 stations

  • Lifting handwheel

  • Heating and pressing mechanism (pneumatic cylinder type)

  • Image film feeding and collecting mechanism*1 (servo + right angle reducer * 2 sets)

  • Electrostatic dust removal device

  • Vacuum suction function for 3 stations

  • Magnetic quick removal aluminum base*24 pcs (POM jigs*6 sets are not the quick removal type.)



  • 7.0'' touch panel 65536 color TFT: 

    • With I/O (input/output), each sensor location is shown in whole area of the machine.

    • With abnormal alarm display, the operator can eliminate abnormalities quickly.

    • With electronic air pressure sensing, the machine will be automatic shutdown and alarm for insufficient air pressure.

    • The number of times of the silicone plate is used can be set. While reaching the set value, the machine will stop automatically and notice.

  • Adopt PLC, which can add or modify the functions easily.

    • Stamping temperature, time, etc. can be stored in its formula page for the next production of the  same product next time.

  • The precise positioning index table with 6 stations

    • The positioning accuracy of index table is +/- 0.02mm.

  • The image film positioning adopts photo sensor to drive the servo motor to control.

    • Positioning accuracy for feeding is +/- 0.03mm.

  • The press down height of heat transfer plate can be fine-tuned. A scale for checking press down height is provided.

  • The up-and-down height which is controlled by handwheel  can be adjusted in a wide range.

  • A holding tray is installed in front of the index table to facilitate the placement of the objects. It's more convenient for the operator to take and place the objects.

  • The maintenance door is moved to the front side which is convenient for the personnel to maintain and to resolve the issue of small storage space.

  • The jig is made of POM material to prevent the lens surface from being rubbed. With magnetic quick removal aluminum base, 4 different heat transfer positions can be met.

  • The use of different aluminum base is to save jig cost and machine tuning time.

  • Built-in 5 languages, traditional Chinese, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai.

  • The heat transfer printing machine has a built-in intelligent column chart with a new generation IoT (Internet of Things) production pattern which shows the the past 30 days's productivity, operating time, production speed,etc.. Wherever you are, you can view the productivity report anytime by connecting the FineCause APP.