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Automatic Rotating Mixer

Automatic Rotating Mixer



  • Automatically run the self-test program when starting up, and can not run until all parts of the machine can meet the starting requirements. If there is any abnormality, the controller automatically prompts through digital display and buzzer output, requesting a reset to ensure the safe operation of the machine

  • Full digital display running status and running time

  • The machine's inner container support table can move smoothly, saving time and effort

  • Automatically discriminate the volume of barreled containers, output the appropriate rotation mixing speed

  • Multi-segment intelligent frequency conversion speed regulation, the output running speed is properly controlled to ensure smooth operation

  • Door stop protection device

  • It can automatically mix various liquids and powders, and can also be called an automatic rotating mixer

  • The 720 degree rotating mixer is an automatic rotating mixer, which can be used in silicone mixing


Be applicable:

0.5-20 liter barrel paint and ink.