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FA-200T/300T Flat Platform Screen Printer

FA-200T/300T Flat Platform Screen Printer



  • 65536 color TFT touch operation interface

  • PLC control, easy to add functions

  • Adsorption squeegee clip (patent M390871), can easily move the squeegee position, easy to disassemble

  • Adopt German FESTO rodless cylinder

  • Fault detection, on-screen message display

  • Adjustable scraping pressure

  • Electronic pressure sensing, when the pressure is too low, it will automatically stop and notify with a marquee

  • Air pressure type rubber scraper group straight lift

  • Air blowing dust removal device or electrostatic dust removal device can be added according to customer needs


Be applicable:

Printing of LOGO/patterns on various items.

Phone buttons, SD cards, MP3s, remote controllers and other plastic, ceramic, metal casings and other products.

You can also choose the function of the suction platform, such as printing paper, PVC film, transfer paper, acrylic, etc.