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FC-201ANC Medium-sized Monochrome Open Ink Tray Pad Printer

FC-201ANC Medium-sized Monochrome Open Ink Tray Pad Printer



  • This is a standard model that is medium-sized, and the height of the glue head can be installed up to 180mm, suitable for covering printing, large-area printing, or medium-sized printed objects

  • Peripheral mechanisms such as discs, elliptical discs, suction, pressing, pushing positioning, automatic discharge mechanism, industrial camera, blower frame, etc. can be installed

  • Built-in smart bar chart, production capacity and running time in the past 30 days, production speed at a glance, and prompts in subtitles when past 30 days

  • Color touch panel, built-in 5 languages: traditional Chinese, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Thai.

  • Wifi wireless networking function, with the Genesis Enterprise Productivity App, you can watch the production capacity information on your mobile phone or tablet anytime, anywhere; wherever you go, you are the best mobile production capacity secretary

  • Ink tray specifications: 10 inches
  • 65536 color TFT touch operation interface

  • PLC control, easy to add functions

  • Fault detection, on-screen message display

  • Built-in auxiliary light-saving lighting

  • Adjustable pressure scraping ink, can easily adjust the ink cup scraping pressure (patent M311585)

  • The whole machine adopts computer sheet metal + powder paint, beautiful appearance and more stable structure (patent M456283)


Be applicable:

Large area printing, such as: industrial helmets, large spheres (bowling balls), cylinders, drums, etc., and other products that require medium-sized, large-area patterns, and can also be connected in series with multiple printing machines to make a variety of colors Process printing.