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Screen Printing Machine with 3-Axis Servo Motor-FA-400TQN

A 3-axis servo system is employed in the screen printing machine to adjust left-right ink scraping, up-down movement of screen stencil, and up-down motion of the squeegee, ensuring precise digital adjustments through the HMI. 


FA-400TQN-Screen Printing Machine with 3-Axis Servo Motor (Left and Right, Up and Down, Squeegee Servo)

3-Axis Servo Motor (Left and Right, Up and Down, Squeegee Servo)

1st axis~ Left and right servo

  • Left and right servo adjustment - Ink scraping is precisely driven by servo motor.

    • Ink scraping adopts servo motor with linear guideways and ball screw mechanisms, ensuring precise control throughout the entire ink scraping process.

2nd axis~ Up and down servo 

  • Up and down servo adjustment - The up and down of screen stencil is precisely driven by servo motor.

    • The up and down movement of the screen stencil is controlled by servo motors, ensuring fast, stable, and quiet operation.

3rd axis~ Squeegee servo

  • Squeegee servo adjustment - The squeegee position can also be digitally and precisely adjusted.

  • Servo motors for precise linear movement of the squeegee. HMI allows easy adjustment of the squeegee up-and-down position, enabling effortless and precise settings.


  • 7.0" color touch screen, built-in 5 languages, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Traditional Chinese.
    • With I/O (input/output), each sensor location is shown in whole area of the machine.

    • The abnormal alarm marquee display facilitates quick troubleshooting for production line personnel.

    • With electronic air pressure sensing, the machine will alarm automatically for insufficient air pressure.

    • The usage times of squeegee and screen stencil can be set; when the set value is reached, the machine will automatically stop and alarm.

    • Adopt PLC for easily adding and modifying functions:

    • The servo operating position is displayed on the screen.

    • Multiple sets of formulas can be stored. Parameters can be set.

  • Magnetic squeegee clip (Patent No. M390871)

    • The squeegee position can be slided easily and the squeegee can be adjusted and disassemble quickly.

  • Production history function: built-in smart bar chart that the productivity, operation time, production speed, etc in the past 30 days can be shown.
  • With smart factory Industrial Internet of Things (I.O.T.), wherever you are, you can view the productivity report by downloading the FineCause APP.