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FA-400 500 600RSN Curved Screen printing machine(Servo Motor)

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Revision Date 2021/03/05

FA-400 500 600RSN Curved Screen printing machine/screen printer(Servo Motor)

  • Fine Cause's Silk screen printing machine imported to industrial I.O.T., combine smart factory App, assist you to implement production management goals through synchronous monitoring.

  • The precision slide rail provides a stable support for the scraper seat, allowing the entire scraping process to be controlled within a fine tolerance range

  • This semi-automatic screen printer adopts servo motor design. Using precise servo motor, ball screw and linear guide for ink scraping, movement stable, printing more accurate. 

  • It's different with pneumatic cylinder type screen printer, will not generate ink leaking problem which affected by the air pressure and the left and right anti-collision buffers.

  • 7.0" HMI touch panel with 65536 color TFT, built-in Chinese, English and Bahasa language.

  • Servo ink Scraping System provide the entire scraping process able to control within a fine tolerance.

  • Silk screen printing stencil frame holder left-right moving by linear guide, smoothness and more precision than T-track.

  • Precise CNC machining assembly bushing up-down system attain high precision, easy to move up and down, stable and quiet.

  • Magnetic Squeegees Clip (Patten No. M390871) easy to positioning, load and unload.

  • Pneumatic Squeegees up down station


Application :

Printing for Curved Surface, Cylinder Objects, Tubes, Shampoo Bottles, Cosmetic Bottles.



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