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The Relationship between Steel Plate Depth and Printing

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The Relationship between Steel Plate Depth and Printing

  • Shallow plate is better for fine/thin lines. Deep plate is better for thick lines.

  • Use shallow plate if the printed object surface is smooth; use deeper plate when the surface is etching and ink-absorbing.

  • 3. Use shallow plate when printing dark ink on light object; use deeper plate when printing light ink on dark object.


Characteristics of SKD11:

  • 1. high abrasion resistance, excellent harden-ability and minimal quench stress
  • 2. heat-treated steel plate - hardness can reach 58-62HRC
  • 3. affordable price, high hardness and general use
  • 4. cold work dies for general use
  • 5. The steel plate is an alloy steel that contains high contents of carbide and chromium, so it has high hardness and appropriate tenacity. This type of steel is also deemed as an air hardening steel because of process of tempering and hardening. It is one of the best wear-resistance alloy steels.
  • 6. Molybdenum, vanadium and other elements are added, so it has the characteristics of wear-resistance, impact resistance and no deformation
  • 7. After the second refining, the purity is good, and the grains are fine.


Cliché plate for contact lens, optional services are chemical etching and laser engraving.


Manufacturing process of cliché plate and screen stencil.


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