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Contact lens rubber pad

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Revision Date 2020/08/26

Contact lens rubber pad

  • Finecause provides fast and accurate new style mold opening. After confirming the drawing , 10 days a new rubber pad can finished for testing 

  • The negative pressure value of the rubber pad is more than -2TOLL(referring to the pressure unit), and there are no bubbles in the profile 

  • Developed the characteristics of silicone that are especially suitable for contact lens inks, evenly colored 

  • Check the straightness of each rubber pad before leaving the factory 

  • After the rubber pad is demoulded, the inner hole has no burrs 

  • The hardness machine test the softness and hardness of each rubber pad 

  • Rubber pad and metal aluminum seat join adhesion quality control 

  • The quality control of rubber pad appearance cleanliness is strict


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