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Curved screen printer adjustment tutorial-【Part 1】

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Revision Date 2023/03/16

Curved screen printer adjustment tutorial-Part 1


FA-400 RSN  semi-auto curved screen printer tutorial video Part 1 

Curved screen printer tutorial video Part 1


  • Turn on the screen printing machine 

    • Turn the power and air pressure on and push default start point botton. The machine will search for default start point automatically.  


Fix the substrate need to be printed

  • Fix the substrate need to be printed  

    • Fix the jig or adjust the position of pulley rollers and put the subtrate on it. Take a close look at the substrate and adjust its initial level. To have more precise level adjustment after the screen stencil is installed. 


Adjust screen holder of the screen printer

  • Adjust screen holder of the screen printer 

    • Push screen position down botton to make the holder in the printing position. Screen holder should be at least 5mm higher than the substrate. 

  • Install the screen stencil on the screen printing machine and adjust its level

    • Push squeegee stand up botton to make the squeegee stand in upper position. Install the screen stencil and fix it by tightening the screws.  

    • Stand by the printer and lower your body, eyes on the same height with the substrate and the screen stencil. 

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  • Adjust the level of substrate and the height of screen stencil. 

    • The level should be in accordance with the screen stencil. Adjust substrate's level until it's parallel with the screen stencil. 

    • The height of the screen stencil should be following the height of substrate. Screen stencil cannot be lower than the highest point of the substrate. 

※It is recommended to have a 0.1~1mm gap between the screen stencil and the substrate. 


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To be continued Part 2 

1. Adjust the squeegee 

2. Adjust the ink blade