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FC-191ANC Ink Cup Pad printing machine/Pad Printer DM

Filename pad_printing_machine-S.pdf
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Revision Date 2021/03/02

FC-191ANC Ink Cup Pad printing machine/Pad Printer

  • The pad printer is fully upgraded with a 7-inch color touch panel screen and PLC controller. Good visual effect, easy operation, easier and more convenient to use.Traditional Chinese, English and Indonesian

    • Built-in smart bar charts which displays productivity, operating time, production speed, etc.

    • No matter where you are, as long as you download the Finecause APP, you can view the production capacity report and assist you in implementing your production management goals

  • All series are packed the electrical air pressure sensing system

  • When the intake air pressure is lower than the set values for over 3 seconds or encounters other errors,

  • the alarm and a rolling text emerges from the machine that make it easier to remove the error.

  • Able to set the production time, printing pad and cliché plate usage count

  • The printer automatically stops and alarms when the set numbers have been reached."

  • The duration of the printing pad can be set through the human-machine interface that has printing parameter settings and multiple sets of formula storage

  • The new generation of lightened sliding sleeve goes with composite bearing seat that is fast, stable and accurate

    • Stability, tightness and precision are improved to the best performance

  • Neat and tidy process of ink pick-up. The act of ink deposit leaves no trace.............

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