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CITD project research and development of Industry Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs

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CITD project research and development of Industry Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs


The origin of the plan

The company's general manager Su believe that there is more room for growth in emerging markets than in developed countries, so he went to Indonesia to inspect the local market and learned that Indonesia's income has increased because of the people. For housewares, food and beverages, cosmetics and skin care products, cleaning, The demand for supplies and health food is growing rapidly, and small bottles (diameter<60mm, height<180mm) are the mainstream.

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It's huge consumer goods market requires a large number of plastic containers and packaging, which also drives the growth of demand for various plastic processing machinery, such as extrusion machines, hollow molding machines, blow molding machines, and printing machines for plastic containers. However, the current Fine cause product line is suitable for container printing with only standard curved screen printers, and the production speed can't meet the needs of local consumer manufacturers. Therefore, the development of automated screen printing equipment has it's marketability. In the initial stage, it will lock in Indonesia as the priority target market. And then to other emerging market countries.


 After in-depth discussion, high-quality, affordable, easy-to-operate, miniaturization, and wide-ranging functions are the common standards for purchasing equipment in emerging countries. Further analysis of the characteristic factor diagram (fishbone diagram), the result is as follows, and it is concluded that the most suitable specifications can be prioritized  , Optimal system configuration, simplified structure, common fixtures, smart control, standardization of components, etc., to find countermeasures, separate existing markets and existing products, and create new business opportunities. Introduction of new products  "Simplified and simplified automatic curved screen printing machine", in response to the needs of emerging markets, without reducing the function and production speed, hope that by developing a new transmission system, sharing high and quickly replaceable transfer fixtures, design. The introduction of human-machine interface and the use of domestically produced new-generation standard-specification components to achieve the goal of reducing volume by 1/2, weight by 1/2, price by 1/2, and smart control compared with existing products in the domestic industry.




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