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FA-400C/500C Curved Screen Printer
*65536 Color TFT Touch Panel
*PLC Control,Easy to Add Funtions
*Adsorption Squeegee Clip (Patent No. M390871),Easy to Move Squeegee Position,Esay to Disassemble
*Using Germany FESTO Pneumatic Cylinder. High-Functioning, Low Breakdown Rate. Better Machine Performance.
*Transmission System - Japanese Bearings and Shafts. Attrition Resistance, Long Life
*Malfunction Detector / Screen Message Display
*Adjustable Squeegee Pressure
*Electronic Pressure Sensor. Auto Stop When the Pressure is Too Low and Shown on Marquee.
*Pneumatic Squeegee Stand / Moving Up and Down
Suitable For:
Round Shape, Curved Surface Printing. For Example: Shampoo Bottles, Cosmetic Bottles.  
Chinese Version Video: