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DM-FC-101M Servo Ink-Cup Pad Printer w/Touch Panel
  • Servomotor+Ballscrew+Touch Panel
  • PANASONIC Programmable Controller, 4.3 Inches Color Touch Panel
  • With Precision Ballscrew Linear Guideway
  • With Exclusive Patented Adjustable Ink-Scraping System
  • Precise Positioning +-0.01mm (Display on Screen)
  • Moving Distance Controlled by Digital Touching Panel Setting, Min. unit reaches 0.01mm

Suitable for:
Plastic items like Toys, Stationery, Decoration, Watch Surface, Electronic Products, Switches, Buttons, Lighters and etc. Metal finished and semi-finished products, Ceramics, Glass Products and other uneven surface of the printing.
Additional precision indexing plate makes it easy for feeding and ejecting. 

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