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6-Color Ink-Cup Pad Printers

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FC-606BRC Six-Color
FC-606BRC Golf Six-Color Ink Cup Pad Printer
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FC-606BRC Golf  Six-Color Ink Cup Pad Printer 
(Customer install oven)

1.Automatic feeding

2.Patented rotary fixture

3.With CCD lens detection

4.AOI determines NG classification mechanism

5.DD servo motor (disc rotation angle ultra precision)

Each printer can be independent of the displacement, adjustable before and after 85mm, about 120mm adjustable, especially for the diversity of product printing
Automatic sensor inlet pressure, lower than the set value to suspend printing and alarm
Before printing electrostatic blowing dust, add printing quality
The whole machine adopts Japan DAIDO oil bearing
With 7 "color touch screen Panasonic PLC control
Ink cup 60mm and 90mm for a total of two models
Three hot air nozzles are available for replacement

▼Printing products

Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/hr Dimension (mm) Net W.
FC-606 BRC  6
L:200 W:90 H:10
1600-1800 Pcs
L:422 W:243 H:203

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