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FC-302ACC Large color Ink-Tray printing machine desktop disc slide
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FC-302ACC-Large color Ink-Tray printing machine desktop disc slide

Features : 
1. 65536 Color TFT Touch Panel
2. PLC Control, Easy to Add Functions
3. Exclusive Patented Adjustable Ink-Scrape Mechanism (Patent No. M311585)
4. Embedded Cost Saving Light Bulb
5. Malfunction Detector. Screen Display
6. Electronic Air Pressure Sensor
7. Two-seater adjustable ink tray base, the angle can be adjusted around,
8. Equipped with safety door, it will jump a warning when the safety door is
    opened and automatically shut down to avoid danger
9. Sheet Metal + Powder Coating Machine Body. Fashion Appearance 
    (Patent No. M456283)
Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/Hr Dimension (cm) Net W.
FC-301ANC Large Single Color Ink-Tray Pad Printer 2
120x240 mm
6-15  Pcs
(Depending on size of the printing deign or printing conditions
L:160 W:70 H:175

350 KG

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