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Contact Lenses Pad Printing Machines

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FC-350E Automatic 3-Color Pad Printing Machine
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Characteristic of FC-350E Automatic 3-Color Pad Printing Machine

Pad Printing Machine for Contact Lenses
Exclusive Patented Ink-Scraping System. Patent No. M311585
(Independent Ink-Scraping on 2-Axis, Spring Resolve Cliché Tolerance, Adjustable Cylinder Air Pressure)
Printing Number of Times and Other Printing Parameters Can Be Set on Each Pad Printer Separately.
10 Inches HMI (65536 Color TFT Touch Panel)
   Touched Digital Control. Malfunction Message Displayed on Screen
   Input/Output Full Display
   Independent Operation Panel for Each Printer
Suction Feeding/Suction Ejecting – 20 Storage Tubes can be Pre-Set on the Machine
Pressing and Positioning Device and Electrostatic Dusting Device
Pad Cleaning Device - It can be set to start cleaning pad after a certain number of prints. 
NG Rejection Device – Can add the CCD for inspecting defective products. 
Electric Air Pressure Sensor – The machine stops when the pressure is lower than the set value.
Dusting Cover on the Machine
   8 mm Acrylic Dusting Cover
   HEPA FILTER 0.3um 99.99%  0.12um99.999%

Optical Fiber
Inspect Residual Products inside Tube
Negative Pressure Detection, Automatic Sucking Substrates, Speedy and Smooth Operation

Substrate fixed on Jig Precisely Accurate Printing

Model Color Steel Plate (mm) Capacity/hr Dimension (mm) Net W.
FC-350E 3
L:200 W:90 H:10
24 Pcs
L:200 W:200 H:250

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